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GL down?

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anyone else having trouble getting the site up?

No problems from the UK.

Thanks, sorry it's back again now. It was down for about half an hour. I thought they may have gone under! Glad they are still here as I have seen an upturn in sales the last few weeks!

Beppe Grillo:
I can access to their pages without problem, but not to their customers…
I wrote them two weeks ago to ask if they are still working (I have no sales for months there)
I am still waiting for their answer.
For me this site is dead…

Had a sale a week ago.  I get one every month or two.

I think what happened there is massive dilution.  Early on, they got a lot of buzz for being a site that was easy to work with and paid fair commissions - and was making a few sales.   GL sort of went viral among stock photographers and they probably received a huge volume of images.  Then their sales sharply declined (supposedly due in part to changes at Google) and never recovered.  The result is that today they may be making enough to stay in business, but not to be worthwhile for individual photographers - so no one is submitting there any longer.


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