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Sean Locke Photography:
GL opens to new contributors and drops royalties from 52% to 40%.  Exciting!

why do ALL agencies start news about taking your earnings with EXITING... are they from mars..

we have heard your concerns,... we cut your royalty down to 40%... are they actually for real??

Will delete all. I don`t care GL.

They aren't cutting for anyone already on the site. Only new contributors get 40%.

And yes. It is insane that any stock agency would use the word "exciting" in an announcement when it is now such a joke with contributors.

Thank you for the post.  I'd like to address some key points, while also addressing some concerns people may have.

First and foremost, after almost two years of negotiation, we acquired GraphicLeftovers from a group of 4 partners, all of which had full time jobs and GL was not a primary source of income for them.  Because of this, the business was more or less set to autopilot, neglected the desires of many of it's members.  The new ownership team will be investing a lot of time and money into not only better staffing the company for better customer support, faster approvals, streamlined payments, but also investing in marketing the business and repositioning it for future success.

Key Point # 1:
We have invested quite a bit of money and time in development in order to "Grandfather" in our old sellers to their 52% commission rate, and $50 payment threshold.  While it is important for us to grow margins to be able to stay competitive and turn a profit (after all, this is a "for profit" business, and we did shell out significant amounts of money and time to acquire it), we find it most important to honor the commitments made by the previous owners to their customer base before we began operating the business.

Key Point #2:
Yes, we did cut the commission from 52% to 40% for all new sellers after 8/3/16.  I understand that this may seem negative, but in reality, there are many benefits of working with GL that should still make GL a viable option for many stock photo & vector sellers. 

- We do not require any seller to exclusively sell with us, and guarantee them that 40% commission regardless if they post with only us, or 100 other stock image sites!
- We give 40% for ALL licenses sold.  This mean when people purchase the merchandising or ultimate licenses, or the standard licenses, the sellers will still make 40%. 
- 40% is still one of the highest commission structures out there, and there are no minimum sales requirements to receive 40% on your product sales.

There are many changes that we have in the pipeline and are working on to make significant improvements to GL, as well as increasing sales for our contributors.  With the site having been neglected, revenues dropped for many contributors.  New ownership is committed to turning this around.

I understand many people will not have the most pleasant things to say.  It's unfortunate.  However, as a seller of your stock photography, you have many options as to where you sell your images.  If you choose to partner with GraphicLeftovers, you have our word that we will do our best to not only earn your business, but to make you more with us at 40% than you ever made with us at 52%.  For those of you who are already sellers with GL, again, you have been grandfathered in and will continue enjoying the same commissions that you always have.

I am happy to address any questions or concerns, and I welcome anybody to get in touch with us.  Whether you care or not, we are still excited for the opportunity to be able to work with so many talented artists.

Regarding the comments about our use of the word "exciting" -- We are excited to be able to work on this company, so please bear with our enthusiasm!

Thank you!


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