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Hello All,

We are pleased to announce the integration of Payoneer into GL.  Many of our members have expressed interest in Payoneer, as they have had issues with Moneybookers or PayPal in certain countries.  Payoneer is one of the best payment options available, so this new integration will surely be a positive for many of our members.

For current members, getting Payoneer payments set up is quick and easy:

Step 1: Navigate to your Account -- Profile Page.  Scroll to bottom of page and select Payoneer for "Payment Method".  Press Update.
Step 2: A GL representative will manually approve your payment method change request.
Step 3: Check back later.  When you see Payoneer as your payment method, select "Sign up with Payoneer".  If you do not have an account already, please sign up.  If you do, you will be prompted to login to your existing account.  Once you sign up or log in, you are fully set up to receive Payoneer payments!

If you have any questions regarding our integration with Payoneer, please do not hesitate!

lol, selling images would be a prerequisite to get paid in the first place

Yes...sales are a prerequisite to receiving funds. individuals with sales on GL will be able to get paid with a new payment method if they choose.  For those who have no sales or low sales, they can still select this payment method for when they do cross the $50 payment threshold.

It's clear that some of our members will not have incredibly high sales counts.  In this forum, we are classified as a "low earner" at the moment.  We understand this, and in relation to the top earners, we are a low earner.  But there are still thousands of members who choose to work with us, who are getting sales, and who are pleased with our customer support.   

Each week we payout plenty of money to our contributors, some more than others based on the desire for their work.  By giving 40-52%, and allowing for a wide range of pricing, some sellers are getting paid very frequently. 

This post was regarding a payment method option that we are providing our sellers with, not about the sales count of any of our members.  Having said that, we are still working diligently on the site behind the scenes. Other agencies certainly have higher sales counts right now, but they are paying pennies per license sold, and are constantly making changes to their businesses that adversely affect contributors, while padding the agency’s margins.  This is a constant slap in the face to contributors.  While it is taking us time to make significant change to GL, our intentions are to increase sales for our contributors, maintaining our slim margins, all while providing our contributors more control of how much they make per license sold.  When our ultimate plan comes to fruition and sales do increase, GL members will reap the benefits significantly more than they would at any other agency.

In these forums, every other post is titled "XYZ Agency Screwed me", "Disappointed with XYZ", "Down the Toilet", etc., so there is dissatisfaction with companies both large and small in the industry.  We are doing our best with the business we purchased. All we can do is continue with our internal plans and continue working hard on GL.  Adding a new payment method is one minor benefit for our current and future contributors.

GL had always been fair to contributors. Good to hear you will be continuing the trend and all the best for more sales!

After upload i am forced to click on each image title.
I have to click the title and i have to click "submit".
Takes about 10 seconds for 1 image.
click "submit" "submit" "submit" "submit" "submit"
No way  ::)


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