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Author Topic: GL Now Offers Payoneer  (Read 11255 times)

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Really, at this point, I have no problem being patient.   I've gotten out of microstock except for GL and Alamy,  because those are the only ones not madly slashing prices and giving things away.   I won't be shooting stock again unless a better opportunity comes along.   So as long as there's a plan, and an announcement now and then, I'm not worried about leaving my work on GL's servers.

As a former software developer I know all too well how long these things take. 
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@Stockastic, we certainly appreciate your understanding and your feedback.  To give some insight, we are about 90% finished with all of the new designs, we are just putting some finishing touches there.  However, the development is where movement has been very slow.  Neither myself or my partner are developers, so being able to pull off a major redesign while adding new functionality and improving the user experience has been and continues to be a challenge for us, but one that we are making great progress on.

We have completely upgraded the site with tracking technology, allowing us to better optimize our paid marketing efforts, as well as make informed decisions by collecting data the previous owners did not have the ability to collect.  We have added various ways of "suggesting" a user sign up for a Buyers account.  We are adding lightboxes for a more efficient working process for our buyers. 

We are also building the foundation to be able to accept new media types (ie: video, audio, etc.).  Currently, our foundation is only able to handle images.

We are trying to make it so that when we launch the site, the Buyers will have many more reasons to use GL, rather than simply having a new look and feel.  We are also ensuring that we do not launch prematurely, to the extent that the changes we are making will not be as effective as we anticipate.  We are waiting until we are pleased with the product, and it will be released in a version that we are most proud of.

I have only mentioned a few things that will be coming out in the upcoming release(s), but as a software developer, I'm sure you can appreciate that this requires hundreds of hours of design and development work.

We actually did send an email out to our buyers about some upcoming changes, here are a few things we touched up on:

"Here is a brief rundown of what we're working on:

-  Complete Redesign of Buyer & Contributor Interface
-  Making significant improvements to search results pages.
-  Addition of Lightbox Functionality, giving you the ability to work and search more efficiently.
-  Offering a quicker, more seamless purchase and download experience.
-  Change to Credit system: Rather than receiving deposit bonuses for deposits of $100+, you will receive discounts on many credit packages. This will enable you to spend less on each image you purchase! IE: If an image costs $10.00 (or 10 Credits), you will pay significantly less than $10.00 for that image by purchasing a discounted credit package.
-  We will be experimenting with Bundle Packages, offering a collection of photos to be purchased together (ie: 25 Image Vector Set, 25 Seamless Pattern Vectors, etc.)"

We anticipate an increase in credit purchases, and thus an increase in image sales by making the switch from "deposits" to "credits".  Based on the technology our site was built on, we are not able to offer tiered discounts, we are only able to offer "bonuses".  As a buyer, a bonus is nice because it allows you to get some free images.  However, most buyers are more interested in paying less per image, and our new credit plans will incentivize buyers to pay less per image by buying more credits.

Unlike other agencies, if a buyer purchases a discounted credit plan, you will not receive less commissions.
This is a big process for us, and I can assure you all that we are doing the best we can to make it happen as quickly as possible, but we are not willing to sacrifice the overall quality of the project we've been working on for quite some time, solely to launch something prematurely.

I know some of you believe that we are "waffling", and that's okay.  You're entitled to your opinion, but the reality is, we are taking a neglected site/business and giving it the TLC it deeply needs.


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