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For almost one year they have closed the possibility to upload.
During this time I have had few sales, not too much bad, but few, even if I had a very little portfolio at them.

Some months ago they finally reopen the upload.
So I have decided to continue to upload again… 2000 new images - no more than 20 a day (they not allow more)
Then no one sale… no one!

So what??

obviously you aren't the only one uploading their backlog so your 2000 sit with thousands of others diluting your chance of a sale

Yes, I think that you got the point.

I also uploaded my backlog and saw my sales jump back up

I just requested my final payout and once they pay I am closing my account. $1-$2 a month is not worth anything to me, but I do give them a lot of respect and kudos for plowing through tough times and not cutting commissions.  But unfortunately sales aren't there.


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