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GL Stocků Seriously??

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Uncle Pete:

--- Quote from: Sean Locke Photography on June 02, 2020, 22:04 ---Wow, I haven't visited GL in two years, I guess, because I have $78 sitting there for sales since 2018, lol.

--- End quote ---

GLstock still for sale? The owner put a lot into making it better. He won't give a straight answer on how much he wants for it. Was at auction starting at $5,000. Didn't sell. He relisted. Didn't sell. Now it's listed at $15,000?  :o

I've lost access to my account there and I've been trying to contact them to get in and/or get my portfolio taken down. Seems emails and phone calls are not being answered.  Probably a long shot but If anyone knows of an alternate way to get in touch with the owner I'd be grateful for any advice.


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