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GL Stock… Seriously??

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There was a lot of time that I did not upload on GL Stock.
So this morning I decided to give a try.

1) Uploading panorama images with one side under 2000 pixels and one over 2000 pixels I get the error message “Height or width must be at least 2000 pixels”. If both sides should be over 2000 pixels the message should be “Height and width must be at least 2000 pixels”

2) Uploading a model release, once the file has been uploaded, the “Next” button has absolutely no effect

3) I can’t find a place to see my already uploaded releases

4) I cannot find any explanation about how to upload vectors (single eps, eps + jpeg, zipped eps + jpeg)

Sales are very slow on this site, I should say non-existent, especially after the restyling of the site…

Seriously GL Stock, what are you doing??

Guess I will leave it a bit longer to start uploading again ;-)

GL Stock is dead, just forget it.

I still get some sales before they changed management. Now that they have change ownership, sales have plummeted to zero. They also fail to review the stuffs I uploaded for over a year.

Forget about this site, because there's nobody working there.

Yup. They killed the site. Sales quickly decreased with the new owners, now dead.


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