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GL suspending uploads?

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Just got a message from GL stating in part:

--- Quote ---In order to better support our faithful contributor base and maximize your earnings, we will be suspending all uploading until further notice. With over 60,000+ new images uploaded per month, we are taking in more content than we can sell and that is hurting everyone, especially you. This strategy will allow us to focus on selling the quality content you have already provided us.
--- End quote ---

Anyone else get this?  or is it just for the contributors they don't want anymore?

Yes i also just read this. Very strange to stop taking uploads. I must think they are in financial trouble. Make no sense unless you want to save money by not taking new uploads. I guess this will play out one way or the other in the next few months.

Sean Locke Photography:
My sales actually picked up at GL this month!

Anyways, if taking a break to redirect efforts (and investment) towards marketing and bringing in buyers is needed, I don't see an issue.  It isn't like there is a lack of content already on site, so stopping the inflow for a little while won't hurt anything.  AFAIK, the site will continue to operate as normal aside from this.

My sales are up some there too.  I don't think it is a good sign that they are suspending uploads  sounds like the sort of thing that happens shortly before a business folds.

the message goes on to say:

We want to stress that GL Stock Images is not going out of business, nor are we in financial distress. We are making a temporary adjustment that will help us become a stronger competitor in the ever changing stock photo market.

We truly appreciate your talents and your loyalty to GL, and hope that you will continue to be a contributor once uploading resumes.

The GL Team

Seems like a mature business decision.


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