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GLStock does not pay ?

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Uncle Pete:

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--- Quote from: Uncle Pete on December 10, 2019, 11:14 ---Only ten shopping days left and the reserve has not been met @ $5,000. Come on, someone here must have $5,000 to buy a working agency and show us how to do it right? Start with 50% commission because at 40% GL is going broke. LOL  ;D

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Here is a question. Why don't any other  agencies buy it? Migrating libraries dificulties, previous pending financial issues or just similar content? Even the glamorous "dear customer now GLStock is part of our growing family... Blah blah blah..." worths the five thousand dollars. It actually costs less than a full advertising campaign in some cases.


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As a company that basically makes no money, it isn't worth anything. But to replicate all the work that has gone into it is worth more than $5,000. If I knew how to code, I'd buy it. But not knowing how to code makes it kind of useless to me. I did take a look at their images online and the selection isn't that great. My guess is that without exclusive content, there is no way for GLStock to compete. It is too small and thus worth nothing.

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Wouldn't the price include the domain name and all assets? ie the software code? And all assets could include all debt, like money owed to artists. I think it's a big risk, liability and

But to answer George_ further, the images are all the same as on many other sites, no value to buy something that any marginal agency, and every big agency probably already has. Most of the smaller, dying, agencies have pretty much nothing to offer that can't be found on most other agencies. Buyers can find the same images anywhere.

So for $5,000 someone would get, the code and the domain name, the debt and nothing much of value. The stock image assets are a common commodity at this stage in the business.


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