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Sales Plummet on GL since takeover

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GL Stock images have never been a big seller but they have been steady for me, even on a slight upwards trend. I always liked them and their fair treatment of contributors so continued to upload.

I'm sorry to say that sales have shown a very strong downwards trend to near zero since the change in management. Is this just me or anyone else? I appreciate only people with big portfolios would notice any trend as sales were not many compared to the big boys at the best of times but still...

Sean Locke Photography:
Yep, $0 in January, March and May, and $25 or so in Feb and April.

Pretty close to my stats. I wonder if they pulled the plug on ads or something?

Few $ a month.
10$ is an excellent month for me on GL

Jo Ann Snover:
Last sale was in January and it's been flatlining since then

I haven't been uploading, so that might have something to do with it - I didn't like their one price approach and thought I'd see if it boosted sales (in which case I'd have resumed uploading).

Whether it's the pricing or something else, who knows, but I don't plan to upload again until I see signs of life. I don't plan to remove what I have unless they change something about their royalty schemes or do something stupid (like Dollar Photo Club stupid).


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