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Yeah, looks like uploads are back.  I get sales there, I try to use them as much as posssible.

I had one 30 dollar sale in September my best month ever on GL.

Uploading is possible again since a few weeks. I still support them, despite low to non-existent sales. I don't think they'll ever flourish again, but I like their 52% and the simple uploading process.

VB inc:
As a contributor who gets a download here and there, I really would like to support this site. As a image buyer, it is very tough to search their site for any pictures due to the lack of variety in their search results. I shouldn't see the same contributors photoshoot with the same model being shown over and over again in the first pages... Maybe it is lack of sales from my searches but i spent 20 minutes on it last week and had to move to another site to check.
I think they need to spend some money fixing this problem if they plan to step up their game.

Dead for me.  Down to maybe 1 or 2 payouts per year.


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