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Best selling Vector Site?

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Hi I am a newbie in microstock. I just started doing microstock last month. At first I tried photography, but it was just too much effort for me to post edit and I don't know much about the cameras. So, I switched to vectors instead because I noticed that a lot of best sellers are vectors.

I am not very good at drawing but I do like to look at art and I sometimes make arts and crafts at home so I think I am somewhat creative at the very least. Anyway, I learned Illustrator from scratch and about 1 month later, I have my first vectors ready to submit to the Big 6. I have high hopes for Istock but then I was sorely disappointed because although I got in at the first application, my first 15 uploads are mostly rejected, only a couple were accepted!

Shutterstock is doing okay with 25 files currently, I average only 5 DLs per day which is probably dismal because as I have read, sales will drop after the first month even if you keep on uploading.

In Stockxpert, I sold only 3 subscription in 1 week. Is that bad?

In Fotolia, I sold only 1 vector in 2 weeks. Is this normal?

I am waiting for approval in 123RF, how is the vector sales there?

I haven't uploaded in Dreamstime yet because I am afraid of the 6 months in case I would like to go exclusive in IS (although that is very unlikely now!) But is it worth the effort? Will Dreamstime give me enough vector downloads (credits and not subscription)?

In your case, what was the best site for selling vectors? Both in terms of money and downloads.  Thanks for reading this loooonggg post. Hehe!

Hi and welcome to the microstock game.
For me as far as vector sales go IS followed by SS then a big drop off and all the rest do their bit.
I am on DT too, I wouldn't consider exclusivity because IS doesn't make up 50% of my MS income at the moment.
I wouldn't bother trying to keep track of numbers of sales, just pay attention to your overall income from each site.
Your vectors are very good, this is a numbers game, so just work on increasing your portfolio size and learn from those rejections!

Thanks! Currently, only SS is really performing. Hopefully I could get more from the other smaller sites.

Besides SS and IS, StockXpert is also pretty good for vectors. Mostly you get sub vector sales, but still those 5$ credit sales are awesome.

for me, StockXpert & DT are not too bad for my vectors.


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