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Can I earn with flyers/business card designs?

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Hey there!

A series of unfortunate events just dropped out of nowhere into my life, the most crucial ones being me losing my job and a member of my family needing some important and expensive medications.
And, in my country, finding another job is close to impossible because of the pandemic.

If I can't earn anything the next few months, I will literaly not be able to survive.

So, after some days filled with panic and suicidal thoughts, I started looking for ways to earn money on the internet, I picked up an Illustrator course and started learning to make flyers/business cards... With the intention of uploading them to all microstock websites.

But after reading this forum, it was really depressing to learn about the effect of the pandemic on the market, and the SS changes.

So, I just want to ask, if I work all day long, and produce 100 vectors a day, can I expect to make ateast 500$ a month? Just the time to find a job.

Thank you!

I don't have the answers for you and if you read a bit of this forum you already know the answers you will get. I just reply to say that if bad thoughts persist in your mind visit a doctor. In extremely hard or stressful periods of peoples life, light medication can save your life and your creativity. You will not be able to work and produce if stressed, depressed or in doubt. Good luck, things will get better. That is something i can assure you. Life loves people that act and you did the first step.

Depending on your country you can make a living.

Not with 100 vector a day though. There is no way for one person to produce that many of a high enough quality to get sales. More like with 1 or 2 very high quality consistently every day.
Wish you the best of luck, and don't forget

"all human wisdom is summed up in these two words; Wait and hope."

Things may be very dark now, but things always change.

You can, but generating that income will take time. The more you upload and the longer you keep at it the more you make (up to a point); but your first month you might not make much at all. It depends on the quality of your work, how much in demand those types of illustrations are and how much competition you have in that area (plenty).

As you have seen, your $500 a month might mean you require 5000 downloads. No matter how good you are, it is going to take quite some time to create enough images to make that even theoretically possible.

Obviously I donít know where you are and what the position is with your local printshops but you might consider contacting them to see if they have a need for custom design for any of their customers or if it is something they might think about offering. Jobs may be few and far between but each one would equate to an awful lot of stock image downloads.


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