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Title: E-mail…15000 Vectors offered on Russian Site- Istock categorized by Author
Post by: chromaco on January 26, 2015, 20:43
Just got this 'friendly" but anonymous heads up. Anyone else get this one this afternoon? I'm almost more freaked out by the e-mail itself than by what it is telling me. Just curious if I'm the only one to get it.

Vector files sorted by Istock author. Vector line art. Apparently all of my images are on one page and ready to use complete with a jpg comp of the images.

From the Russian site via Google translate:

"…47 files in Ai (CS5). From personal experience, the file is opened and Korel X5.
99 sheets of 55 writers.
Over 15,000 images."

Wondering if this is legit and someone is doing me a favor or instead some sort of fishing e-mail.