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How to create 3D vectors for microstock

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I have seen many amazing 3D vector illustrations on sale recently that look like they have been created with the new 3D and material effects in Adobe Illustrator.
Actually it seems itís not possible to generate vector paths using that effect but only raster objects, therefore they would not be accepted by microstock agencies as vectors.
Do you have any idea of how these vector images are actually made?

I don't think there's a trick or particular tool. Just skill. Pay to download some and take a look.

Maybe they use Blender, then redone it on Illustrator

Can you show some examples? I think most 3D-style vector illustrations are done with skillfully applied (mesh) gradients. I haven't checked out the new 3D / material effects, but it seems to me that those, or any vector with raster effects would not be accepted.

Thank you all for your replies!

Some examples could be these:

I dowloaded a few and yes their structure is mesh gradients mostly it seems.
Lights and shadows are so accurate, even how the same objects is shown at different angles is so precise.
Probably itís true they create a 3D model as reference and then redo it in illustrator, they indeed have great skills.


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