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How to improve vector sales?

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Draw people. :)

Hi 9lives, I love your people illustrations! I still can't draw that well so I stay away from people illustrations. My very first attempt at vector drawing is a person illustration. I spent 2 weeks doing it and I'm not satisfied with the result so I don't upload it. Maybe after a few months of practice I could draw decently hahaha!

Aww thanks Steph! If it would make you feel any better I'll send you the eps of my first person attempt so you can laugh at how awful it was. :)  And that was in 2004 when I had literally never created an illustration before. (Actually some of my older stuff is still in the port for sentimental value and the occasional trickle of sales!) 

If someone asks me I still say I can't draw because I feel like I have a such a long way to go and no formal training, I think it's a constant learning process for every artist so jump right in and don't get discouraged!


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