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How to improve vector sales?

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How do you improve vector sales in each of the following sites?
Currently, my best selling site is SS. As I understand, as long as you constantly upload in SS, you get better sales. So what about other sites?


I get minimal sales in all other 4 sites. I am not sure what I could do to improve sales. Any styles?

With regards to iStock, often Reviewers will suggest looking at the "Needed Files" section - so may be worth considering:

My sales at 123RF and Fotolia have always been tiny compared to iStock & Shutterstock, so I tend not to spend too much time worrying about them  ;D

Also on iStock, putting your images in lightboxes with links in the "Photographers description" section of each image must be a good way to help increase sales - the reason I say this is because I find I'm constantly clicking these links, exposing me to tons of images that otherwise I would never see. I haven't had time to figure out how to do this yet, but it's definitely on my agenda!!  ;D

I also wanted to be part of a lightbox and trying to figure out how to do it... but I think you can only get into a lightbox if the moderator of the lightbox adds you or you are the starter of the lightbox. Not sure though...

Thanks for the help!

Steppysteph, start your own lightbox on IS, and put others' work on it too, you'll get a lot of exposure.

I still don't have a niche so I don't know what lightbox to create... but I will do that! Thanks!


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