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regarding Behance


Only recently heard about Behance and decided to do a bit of research on the site. Apparently its been around for awhile but I need some more info.

What are your over all thoughts on the site?

I have heard that the account is free,  but is this indefinite or for a limited time?
Also are there restriction of the type of imagery? Say only digital or is all excepted even illustrations made with traditional mediums?
As for customization, can I have my own layout with categories besides just project categories?
Is this a stand alone portfolio or is this attached to a job board?

Any or all questions answered would be very much appreciated.
Thank you very much.  😊👍

Roger Mitsom:
I've been on Behance for years. It's very advertising oriented, collaboration oriented. Some really great imagery. It's basically a peer network of photographers and hopefully some buyers take notice. You can out whatever you want on it. There is no review process.

Mine comes with my APA membership. So I don't know about how long it's free.

I don't go on there much lately but for me what I like is just seeing the amazing work people create. You can follow certain photographers, etc... and see what they are up to.

Thanks.  :)👍


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