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Stock Master script - automatically prepares vector files for microstocks

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Hi there! I have a fantastic news for all microstockers! If you make a vector you should try this script.
Stock Master can automatically prepare vector files for microstocks. It scans a vector file and fixes mistakes such as open paths, ghost shapes, bitmap, symbols, brushes, effects, etc.
You can free download this script on

Thanks! It's really cool! I like it )

Nice script  :)


--- Quote from: bymandesigns on September 19, 2015, 01:14 ---Nice script  :)

--- End quote ---

Thanks :)

New version of Free Stock Master script is available. We made some improvements in current update.

What’s new:

- Unlock all objects and layers.

- The script can find hidden objects.

- Delete all Guides.

- Keyboard operations are available (CC only).


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