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what about going illustration ???

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good day to all ,,,

is it easier or worth a try to start illustrations with Ai ????
or the microstock agencies will be strict as accepting images ?

thanx in advance...


I have done a  number of illustrations.  Some sites take them... fotolia doesn't like mine, but i have a feeling it is more my 'style' that they don't like than illustrations in general.  Shutterstock, dreamstime, etc take them and they sell allright.

thanx leaf...

but wht illustrations sell best..and do i have to take a caurse in Ai to work proffesiosnal



--- Quote from: mekarim on April 13, 2008, 06:53 ---thanx leaf...

but wht illustrations sell best..and do i have to take a caurse in Ai to work proffesiosnal


--- End quote ---

What some people don't realize is that it is very helpful to actually have a bit of natural talent for drawing. Simply purchasing the software does not make one a vector artist.

If you already know how to draw, you're leagues beyond many of the flood of bandwagon "illustrators" that are cropping up. If you don't yet know how to draw, I would highly recommend developing that skill before sinking hundreds of dollars into a software program. Check out the book The Creative License by Danny Gregory.

Also check out some of the free or shareware software programs such as Xara or Inkscape. They are not as full-featured as AI, but you will be able to get comfortable with using similar tools and you'll know how much you want to pursue the idea. :)

It can be very profitable, but it's not as easy as some would like. ;)

A word of caution about illustrations before you go head long into attempting this aspect of stock.

You need to know right from the start, that this form of imaging is quite different than actual photography.
On the other hand it can be rewarding, and very productive financially if, and this is a BIG "IF", you are good.
I mean really good.

You need a total command of your vector software, ie. Adobe Illustrator. You should know also that it will be required that
you are a talented artist, with knowledge of balance, color, and composition. Each vector image requires planning and thought.
A process you should be familiar with as a photographer already.

It will require a lot of time and effort to learn the software. It it not easy either. The software is very expensive to boot!
You will be required to submit an EPS image along with a jpg of your illustration. Usually an EPS image compatable with illustrator ver 8

There is fierce competition in this field of stock. Those that are very good are at the top, those that are anything but good sink to the bottom.
There are no shades of gray in between good and bad. You are either good, or a bad illustrator. There is no room for mediocre illustrators.

IT's a fun skill to learn. Very rewarding, and I wish you luck
The MIZ 


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