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Which sites allow separate jpeg and vector uploads?

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DT, FT , BigStock and StockXpert all allow both JPEG and a vector format (for FT it's SVG not EPS-8) but it's for the same image - i.e. you see the various JPEG sizes and then the vector format for extra money. You'd want to look at the prices though, as I don't think any of them value a complex vector highly enough. FT, for example, I think is 7 credits for the vector format. That's OK for something simple, but way too low for an elaborate vector.


Why do you say "allow it"? I would phrase this more like "Which sites force you to upload twice?". I don't see it as a benefit, and it's more of a hindrance to me, and also to reviewers. I need to upload three files for each image, and reviewers need to check them all. Big waste of time if you ask me, and it doesn't serve the buyers well either.

I also don't see much financial gain in it. My vectors outsell the corresponding JPGs on SS by a margin of around 8 to 1. And I doubt that is really a gained download in the JPG category, but rather just a buyer who preferred to get a JPG instead of a vector format. They should have this same option all on one screen.


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