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Your ultimate studio setup...

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In about a year I'll be moving into my first house. Not sure where exactly that will be, or what exactly it will look like, but a required part of it will be a dedicated office room for myself and the future wife. So in planning a bit for what we will need to outfit this office/studio, I've been thinking about what my dream setup would be.

If money were no object, what would your dream illustration/design studio look like? What would it include?

Mine needs lots of workspace, places to spread out prints, sketches, books, etc. A killer MacPro setup, with 30" display, plenty of storage space, book shelves, LCD TV, satellite radio, etc.

Maybe something like this:

So how about yours? Post pics if you got em.

Here's a few random studio photos for inspiration:


I don't need an office or studio to be happy. There are only a few things I need.
1.) Most comfortable chair
2.) Big Monitor/LCD screen
3.) Well lit place
4.) Big Table

Currently, I just take my Macbook, place it on the bed, I lay on my stomach, grab the mouse, and start illustrating. I know, such a crappy way of doing it and my elbows and back hurts after 5 straight hours of illustrating! Hahaha!

Susan S.:
I like the room I'm currently working in - It has the desk and computer at one end, stereo and TV at the other, large comfy sofa and rocking chair, two huge   bookcases (both double stacked with books). It's also got a nice domed plaster ceiling with interesting early twentieth century plaster work which are an inspiration to look up at! A South facing window under a verandah, which provides decent natural light all day for real drawing, and a pleasant outlook over my front garden and the park beyond. I could do with more desk space to give me room to do real media drawing - for that I tend to go into my family room and monopolise the dining table. Or the kitchen and use the kitchen table!
I currenty use a G5 imac and Wacom Intuos tablet. I'd really like a Cintique, but can't justify the expense

I'm digging this one:


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