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  1. Shutterstock portfolio with other people's images in it
  2. Another blatant thief at Shutterstock
  3. "hand painted" canvases...anyone know these people?
  4. Stolen Videos resold by thief
  5. Is anyone familiar with walls heaven?
  6. Alliance 4 creativity
  7. Selling POD stuff, are there any rules?
  8. Shutterstock itself using an image without permission
  9. Stolen vectors from multiple accounts
  10. Thieves or sluts?
  11. Food photographers -- is your work on this site?
  12. distributing our images freely
  14. Found one of my images on TIMELINECOVERS.PRO
  15. Stolen images sold by MHSKYPIXEL
  16. Pinsdaddy is this legal?
  17. Something in the news about legal and lawyers
  18. Found a couple of my images at
  19. Latest Image Thieves: The UK Conservative Party
  20. Can't believe it! SS leave a thief portfolio alone!
  21. Report SS infringement
  22. Thief Selling Stolen Stock Videos on Shutterstock
  23. Etsy is the absolute worst
  24. Abiding by the DMCA does not mean you "take copyright seriously"
  25. Rules for posting - READ THIS FIRST
  26. "free png" site that allows anyone to upload anything.
  27. Contributors images available for free in this Vecteezy portfolio
  28. Copyright violations on Zazzle
  29. Fiverr and stock photo thieves - again - still - ...
  30. where you can download your stock pics for free... :-(
  31. Stolen images.
  32. someone selling my vector on shutterstock
  33. removes watermark from any stock image
  34. Dodgy As Portfolio on SS
  35. ETSY watch for vector artists
  36. House of Postcards Poland I believe?
  37. Check for yours... renderings pasted into collages
  38. Shutterstock seller, selling my photos as their own. Mostly jewelry and watches
  39. No lessons learned
  40. Youtube channel teaches how to steal photos
  41. Check for yours... portfolio of copies
  42. Freeart[dot]com another illegal website?
  43. Suspected image sleuth. Help needed
  44. HELP ! How to find stolen photos or publications?
  45. Unlicensed imagery use by a very popular website.. this is illegal and unethical
  46. "Professional" site using all stolen watermarked images
  47. Does anybody recognize this Chinese watermark?
  49. Popular images and vectors for free on:
  50. Shop on etsy stealing illustrations
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