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Copyright violations on Zazzle

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just a heads-up:
a few days ago I found one of my images on Zazzle in this guy's Zazzle store: https://www.zazzle.com/walterbjedyk
I reported this through a link "Report this product" somewhere close to the bottom of every product page.
And today all his zazzle products with my image are gone and I received this from Zazzle:

--- Quote ---Hello,
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Zazzle takes all claims of infringement very seriously and we hope to resolve this matter amicably.
We have reviewed your claim and, per your request, the unauthorized product as outlined in your email has been removed from Zazzle’s marketplace. The designer has also been notified of the infringement claim.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.
Best Regards,

--- End quote ---

Not bad at all. However, they didn't shut down his store, which is sad because I strongly suspect that a least a good part of this guy's 1000+ Zazzle products base on stolen images.
So, please go and have a look and report copyright violation when you find your image(s) in his store.

Thanks for reading.

Can you share how was this person selling your images? (postcard or electronic download?)

He has certainly traveled to many different parts of the world and got the light just right! He is selling all their products, postcards, clocks, mugs etc.

None of my images as far as I can see


The guy should really get an award for the worst profile/avatar shot ever.   He looks like he just got back from a meeting with his parole officer. 

Jo Ann Snover:
Thanks for the heads up. I think it's clearly someone who doesn't understand - or doesn't care - that he can't sell products based on stock photos. He almost certainly didn't buy an extended license for all of those and the only way to check if he was buying a license for each new sale from whatever agency he obtained the files from would be to a copyright holder test him out to see if a new download shows up.

I didn't see anything of mine.


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