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Selling POD stuff, are there any rules?

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Here's an example of one of my images being sold as prints, phone covers etc.  No watermark, no reference to any stock agency, no reference to artists or licenses. 



Would you consider this legitimate? 

This image has never been sold as EL and I am not selling it on any POD site. 

This is not the first time I have found my images sold in dubious sites, as wall papers, wall art, towels etc., but usually there is some trace of a stock agency licensing the image.  This time there is none.

So how can you tell if someone is selling POD stuff of your images legally or just stealing from you?  Are there any strict rules for this kind of use of images? 

edit.  Searched a bit more Amazon for this image of mine and  found several other brands and sellers using this image in similar ways.  Google image search does not find these but if I search for the title of this image I have in Alamy I find several sellers in Amazon.   Like this one


All are recently launched and all are under different brands.  Some are private persons and some are companies.   



Ships from United States.
Just launched

Contact them and ask them where they got your photograph.

Thanks, I contacted one on the sellers already through Amazon but have not received any answers so far. 

I know mine is just one particular case of possibly illegitimate use of images and as such not so interesting.  But this is Amazon and it is possible to leave negative seller feedback and contact Amazon.  That might make a difference here. 

But mostly I would like to known what is legitimate and what is not when selling others images as PODs.   How do you recognize an illegitimate POD use?  Contacting the sellers makes no sense unless you are pretty sure the use is illegitimate.  if you have a lot of images in a number of agencies (I have about 10.000 in various agencies) it is not any more possible to track the legitimate uses. 



If you have not had an extended license sale, report the theft to Amazon. 

Thanks Hannafate

Can you tell me why you are sure that this is a theft?  I also believe that this is a theft but how can you tell a legitimate POD from illegitimate?  What is it exactly in my case that makes it a theft?

Does the seller of the POD need to buy EL before the print is purchased by a customer?  Or the coffee mug? 

Can the seller use just RF subscription license to put the POD on sale?  Or can the seller of the POD just use the free image option of SS?

I know I have my images all over the POD market without EL licenses but I believe these are mostly some sort of affiliates of agencies and only resellers of the agencies.  I believe these are mostly legitimate PODs as the images must be uploaded from agencies every time the POD is sold and that way I get my 10 cents or whatever. 

So how can I tell for sure that my images are being stolen in this case?  If there is no way to know for sure without contacting the sellers in each and every case then this is a dead end and waste of time.



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