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Shutterstock itself using an image without permission

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If you see an advertisement for Shutterstock that contains this photo (which is ours) please get a screen shot for us. (include the entire screen) We are collecting data on how widespread the ad is, so we know how much compensation to seek on revenue generated by the ad.

Unseen Gallery
[email protected]

Thank You.

They haven't stolen your work. This is an advertisement to sell your work.

It also isn't widespread, as it's a Dynamic Remarketing Ad. This means it's showing you products you've looked at.

So, because you've browsed your own portfolio and looked at one of your images, Shutterstock is now showing that image to you in an ad.

The same thing will happen to you when you visit other online retails, like Amazon, Walmart etc. You'll see the same products you look at on those sites show up in ads on 3rd party sites you visit.

So, the "evidence" you're collecting is inside an echo chamber. Only you are seeing this ad, as you have looked at the image.

The problem is that my work is not for sale on Shutterstock. 

Sean Locke Photography:

--- Quote from: Hannafate on November 20, 2020, 09:13 ---The problem is that my work is not for sale on Shutterstock.

--- End quote ---

It was.  A reverse search turns it up.  #70409407

Your work will continue to show up in various places for awhile. It takes time for stuff to disappear off the internet, if it ever does. Think of all the thieves that have stolen your work and are now reselling it, too.


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