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Stolen images sold by MHSKYPIXEL

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Uncle Pete:

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Simple point is, if we can spend minutes or just happened to notice these, while doing other things, imagine what SS could do, if they had just one person hired to clean out the trash and crooks? Apparently it's not a priority or cost effective.

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I honestly think that with just a little work SS or other sites could actually make a pretty big difference in spam and stolen images. It would be hard to get it all, but they could just start with the most popular searches and obvious cases and drop the hammer on the blatant ports. The fact that they don't even seem to follow up on cases pointed out to them speaks volumes.

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Heck, they could hire us on a contingency basis, per fraud account found?

Like the giants google, Facebook, YouTube, ..... they are investing in the issue of NOT having in their storage illegitimate copyright data, I am sure that the file agencies are cleaning their databases of fraudulent files. For that they have a deadline that began to count.

After entering into force, the fines will be an important incentive to worry once and for all about these issues. It is likely that some agency will shake the ears of the slap of money that they will disburse for not complying with the Law. The sanctions are of such a brutal caliber that, having not dedicated effort to combat this issue, they simply cannot work in Europe.



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