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Theft again - please see if your images have been stolen, too.

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Just found one of my images on Flickr under some other user's name (I don't even have an account on Flickr):
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3677469194/#
Apparently, somebody called "misallphoto" thinks they can just download other people pics and build their portfolio that way....
I contacted Flickr about this, but I see other images in his "portfolio" that I know belong to other people. Some of them Yuri Arcurs', some from the user known as "ioannis kounadeas" on Fotolia. Please take a look and see if you have been stolen from, and contact Flickr as well, maybe this will result in their faster action.

Oh, there is one of Andres Rodriguez's, too - with Andres himself in the picture!!! Would be funny if it wasn't so annoying.

I didn't see any of mine, but I did notice that the persons folder is called 'Fotolia'.


I don't really understand why someone would pay for the images (or steal them somehow) and then display them on Flickr just like that. What could they possibly stand to gain? Thanx for letting us know, Elenathewise

Thanks for letting us know.

I didn't find any one of mine but I found some of koun's portfolio as well  as imagers from Yuri Arcurs and Andres Rodriguez. 

I wonder whether this person has bought the pictures or just took the from fotolia and erased the watermark (wich is a ridiculous watermark by the way!) .  It makes no sense buying pictures to display them on Flickr...


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