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Thief Selling Stolen Stock Videos on Shutterstock

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Hello, I found this account where lots of my videos are stolen and put for sale by this user: https://www.shutterstock.com/fr/video/search?contributor=didinalucadid
Maybe will you find one of yours.
I have contacted Shutterstock about it.
Thanks for helping and catch this thief

question - have you ever uploaded any of your videos to one of those unlimited 'subscription' sites (i.e., envaot elements, motionarray, etc)? i'm wondering if this is the main location people are stealing from then simply reselling on other sites...

Yes I did upload on Envato but only a few videos because of their straight acceptance policy. I have nothing on Motionarray. I have my portfolio on most sites (SS, AS, P5, Storyblocks and some on DT)

I did a DMCA notice on shutterstock with dozens of examples from my work.
But I saw tons of copyright infringed videos from other video contributors, that's why I also did this post.
Highly recommended to check this guy's portfolio you might find some of your work...

ladies & gentlemen... also available on :


I think it's time that we contributors go get the thieves.

If the thefts are not dealt with seriously, in the future stealing images and videos will become a norm. People and legal community will feel it's an acceptable practice.

I wonder if it's a good idea to set up a trust fund through GOFUNDME, which should be managed by a reputable law firm in trust. Trust funds will be under strict legal scrutiny by law.


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