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Thieves or sluts?

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If I had a dollar everytime I saw My stuff at some wallpaper site I would be rich. That and Tshirts from china selling at cruise ships stopping places. try and do something about it......You cant.


--- Quote from: Hundstage14 on August 18, 2020, 05:22 ---Many thanks for the reply.

But where did they get my image with a relatively high resolution without watermark?
Why is the author or source of a license not mentioned?

It all smells like fraud ... doesn't it? :-\

--- End quote ---

I don't know, but I found Shutterstock mentioned here: https://oboitd.ru/info/oboi_dlya_sten_na_zakaz/izobrazhenie_dlya_fotooboev
According to google translator, they tell people that they can search images in the Shutterstock database and then just have to enter the image ID in the serach bar to get the option to buy a wallpaper with the image.
So, unless they purchased the whole database, it's as I suspected and they buy the licence for the image after someone orders a wallpaper.
Another possibility would be that they are one of the many partners of Shutterstock, though Shutterstock is not very transparent when it comes to their partnerships and what these deals mean for contributors or who these partners even are.

Thank you for the advice, Firn.

I had a hunch that Shutterstock was behind it.

And since I was not satisfied with the business conduct of this company, I removed all my pictures from there except for a small remainder.

So I guess I have to wait for the waiting period of 90 days since the deletion and then increase the pressure.

Nevertheless the watermarkless display is a nuisance and possibly a breach of contract.

The missing copyright notice would then be a criminal offence and the change of name, the attempt of concealment.


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