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Anybody else with similar experience? I submitted a very varied mixture of pictures (film+scan,dslr,compact digi) of different subjects (concepts, landscapes, animals, flowers, signs, objects etc.) and even put 2 illustrations in for good measure. All images noisefree and around 4MP. The same images I submitted to 10+ other stocksite and all normal, every site had it pick and choose the pics they liked and rejected the ones they don't like. Only Imagevortex rejected all and everything, so I wonder if it is worth to continue to upload there... Anybody else here with positive/ negative experiences??? Thanks SY

No, my uploads with ImageVortex have been mostly succesful.  In a few cases they have rejected for the subject or composition, but my acceptance there is probably around 90%.

Now, if I could only sell there...


i only have a few uploads there.. however

no sales and no surprise

Very picky for me but I have given up as I have had no sales.  18 accepted with 34% acceptance.

I had 100% rejections there as well, although I only uploaded a few images...

I uploaded my best sellers from Istock and SS, and they were rejected, so I left it for a while and went back and searched their catalogue to see what I'd got wrong..  I couldn't see anything substantially better/different about the images in the library compared to mine with the same keywords etc. so didn't bother submitting anything else.

Cheers, Me.


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