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After being on the site for nearly 18 months and with a very small portfolio, they reject all my stuff I have finally sold 2 images. It's probably going to take another 3 years to reach payout.

... seems like a waste of time to me - why are you bothering to post there? Perhaps you'd be better off spending that time 'schmoozing' with a better income source.

I (try to) regularly spend some spare time (yeah, right) at IS, revisiting the keywording on images that aren't selling well, and looking for trends in the stuff that sells.

I have one sale there too. It was my first site I ever joined and I quickly forgot all about it till after a year, i got an email advising me of the sale.

A year and half into it, with not only 17 high quality pictures, after almost 600 views, no sales, so last month, I emailed them to cancel my account, it appeared it's been cancelled, but they did not even send you a confirmation.
I guess it is a waste of time.

Sharply done I had forgotten all about Image Vortex and that I had images on the site until this morning when I had the emails informing me of the sales. I only have 11 images on the site, maybe some more will sell over the next 5 years or so and I will get a payout, I doubt that I will ever upload anymore images to them.


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