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It's alive!


I had just found out that I had one sale in November, got US$10.50 for it. 

Is it just an accident, or does anyone see signs of life in the site? I stopped uploading long ago.  Every month when I log in I am disappointed about the neverchanging main page...


After they rejected my best sellers I didn't wondered about the complete lack of sales. Months after, because of the latest stupid rejections I wrote to support to delete my portfolio. I simply don't want to support agencies who think they only select the best and then no sales.

I had two sales in Nov. 2007, but not a thing since.  I still upload there when I have nothing better to do, but that only happens every few months. 

After years... is it alive? Is it worth anything to do?

An old thread with the same answer.  They aren't worth it, a big waste of time for me.


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