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I didn't receive my payment. They don't answer to any of my messages.

New Sites - General / Re: UltimatStock
« on: December 18, 2015, 18:58 »
Ultimatestock is down for a long time. If you are closed please pay us our earnings and make sure that you deleted our files.

Hello Dear Friends!

We are sadly announcing that we will no longer keep the service running. Site will be here but the app will not be available for everyone starting from 1 January 2016.

We will let some users who use our service regularly and let them use the service if they want (still free). But we won't be able to maintain the site because of the costs and time it requires for a better service.

Please e-mail us until 2016 if you want to use the system privately.

If you have any questions you can connect us via

4 / Re: Stockphoto Media Closed?
« on: December 17, 2014, 06:28 »
They need to make an explanation. Can they just vanish?

I don't have an intention to join the site but I was curios about your opinion. If it is a spam or something it is better to warn people from here because I value this forums' opinion and check it before doing something.

Microstock News / Have you heard of anything about i2istockphotos
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:33 »
I got an e-mail from i2istockphotos which says it accepts photos to sell. Does anyone have any exprerience knnowledge about it?

Actually I started the script as a cron job. It was (actually is with a little modification) possible to send to sites while you are offline. It searchs through the upload folder at your Dropbox and uploads to sites if there are images at the folder by checking periodically.

I didn't test with all possible problems so I posponed it.

How long does it take? I have a very poor internet connection and it takes almost 7-8 hours to send 10 files to 30 agencies if I send via my pc and traditional ftp software.

With StockSender it is circa 10 minutes.

StockSender doesn't store any file and doesn't have exif or keywording functions. It is actually a simple ftp multiplier. It only sends the files to specified ftp servers. Like Filezilla's online version.

Nice service. I saw your site. I thought it was a paid service.

As I said I am not oferring a professional service but a free one.

There were already security precautions but I started working on detailed security issues. Hope can make a new start -up when everything is perfect.

I need some guidance actually...

What should I do to prove that my site is secure? Are there any independent companies doing some tests? Does anyone have information about it? Can you help me?

And a little discussion subject... The services that you are using... How do you know that they are secure?

I understand your concern which is mine too. I can't use any piece of software without thinking twice when I send my files.

I wrote a script which temporarily upload the files to the web site server with a 100 mb limit. When the script is executed it deletes them all. The data about the ftp servers are deleted immediately from my server. They are not stored a second. But you will receive them as merely my words I guess and I can understand. (but if some illegal things happen there is law and my name is Şebnem Kken which you can find me at

The site works too good to be true unfortunately :) so I couldn't stop myself to share it. But maybe I shared it at a very early phase. As I told I am an old coder and I am more like a photographer. I want to hire a professional software engineer to look to every aspect concerning about the security issues. But later... I don't have an intention now to create a big business. Just made the site as an affiliation center which would help me to host the site and maybe some extra cash for my equipments.  Anyway the reason for sharing it was to see if it has a future or not. So that I could invest more but here I understand that I need to guarentee the security issues and I will when I once tested the site professionally. But now I can't promise you more so sorry.

Thank you for your feedback.

I didn't know Photoshelter had that facility...

Fun thing about my site is that I didn't have any intention to make a service. I am an old coder. I actually got the education and skip the industry 10 years ago. Anyway I hired a coder to make a service just for me so that I can easily send my files. Some problem happened and the software didn't work as I expected. Then I decided to make it myself. It was fun for me to write code after all these years. And when it worked I decided to open it to everyone. I am using it everyday but I didn't get much feedback from others. What can be the reason?

I am interested in Stock Photography for a long time but sending to stock agencies was always a problem for me. I am registired to nearly 30 agencies so do the math:)

I used Filezilla first. Then I wrote a script for sending to multiple ftps from my pc for a long time. But it was almost taking a day to send 10 images to all agencies. (I have a poor internet connection)

Prostockmaster and Lightburner was a gift for me when it was free. As you know it turned to a paid service. And there is also Picworkflow which is also great. But yes they come with a montly cost.

One day I was so bored of sending my files so I decided to write a script. The idea was simple... I was already using Dropbox to store my images. If I could send my files to multiple ftps from Dropbox it would be great. So I made it happen. Because sending goes online it is very fast and I don't have to store my files at a server or some place so I could keep it free.   

Well I am not promising you a very professional service but it is safe. I don't store your images and information about your agencies' ftps.

So please try and give me some feedback so I can work on it to make a better service.

Please visit:
You can reach me from my facebook for questions and suggestions...
Hamide Şebnem Kken

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