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Newbie Discussion / Stockphotos for composing?
« on: July 20, 2017, 09:34 »
Hello community,

i didn't find a answer to my question so i started a topic.

Is it legal to buy a stockphoto, using this photo for a photoshop-composing and upload this version on a stockphotoagency?

The licence is a royalty free.


Guten Tag,

ich finde die App wirklich gelungen und das Geld wert.
Mich wrde nur interessieren, wann Adobe Stock implementiert wird?
Auerdem habe ich ein Problem mit istock, meine Einknfte werden nicht dargestellt.


I like the software, but it would be nice, if Adobe Stock could be added.

Okey, I will make a better one and post it here :)

Thanks for your advices!
In the future i just upload well exposed pictures.
In the image above i had the idea, to show just the silhouette's of the woman and the temple, but this doesn't work for microstock ...

Anybody here, who can give me additional advice?

MicrostockSubmitter / Earnings not right displayed.
« on: April 20, 2017, 10:23 »
Hello microstock community,

do you also have the problem, that the earnings are not right displayed?
If i total the earnings of the differnet agencies, i get a higher value than the displayed total earnings above.

You're doing graphs, handshakes, coffee, trees.  It's stuff done a million times already, and done better.  It's unlikely to garner much interest.

Yeah, I'm just beginning ... but this topics you named are always in the bestsellers, so why shouldn't I upload some of this pictures too?

In the future i want to take more modelshots, maybe the sales will rise ...


1. No, there is no point in deleting images.
2. No point working with just one subject unless it sells really well (for now).
3. It is normal for a beginner and for a seasoned contributor. Some work just misses the target.

To 3.:

But if my work missed the target, wouldn't there just some views but no buyers?
I think nobody ever saw my content, if its good or not....

Yes, you're right.
In this picture i had the idea, to show just the silhouette of the women for freedom concepts.
The problem is, that the girl is my girlfriend and don't want to show her face on microstock-photos  ;D
I think the image would sell better with a recognizable person ...

Hello microstock community,

I'm new in the microstock business and I'm visitor in this forum since i began march this year. I really like the hard but honest feedback, the members give in this forum.

I just love photography and the creativity you need, if you want to sell stockphotos.
That's why started in the beginning of march, to upload my photos to 12 different stock-websites with the program StockSubmitter.

From 08.03.2017 till today, 16.04.2017, i sold 52 pictures and earned about 18 Dollars. I sold the most pictures on shutterstock, 34 of the 52 pictures. So far i am quite happy about the results. ;D
Because of the fact, that i really like the idea behind stockphotography and it's very funny, i would be pleased if you can give me some advice, how i can improve my work / portfolio.

In addition i have some questions:

1.   In the beginning i started to upload o lot isolated pictures and pictures with low commercial value. Would you delete them now, because they make my portfolio worse or should i keep them to have a larger portfolio?

2.   Also i tried different things, isolated pictures, textures, postcards with text or composing work. Is it good to have a variety of pictures or should i stay with one topic?

3.   On Fotolia or Dreamstime i can see, that a lot pictures have 0 views.
Is it normal for a beginner, that his pictures are not very high in the searchlists and his pictures can be found difficult?
Can my pictures be found easier, if i sell more pictures?

As you can see in my portfolio, i think i improved my work since a began. I started to integrate copyspace, if its possible and oriented on trends and goodselling topics. So please focus more on my latest work  ;D.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

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