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123RF / login issues with 123RF no support
« on: December 13, 2018, 15:04 »
Is there anyone from 123rf able to help? I have not been login in for a while and have asked for a new password. Have gone through the process of creating a new one, after the creation it will not work. Have now tried several time also changing browser.
Have also contacted the support but was just given the normal retrieval procedure that have proven not to work in my case for a reason. Have contacted 123 rf several time after this, but have NO answer.
Anyone having a similar problem? or is there someone from 123rf reading this who can help? I have now been struggling with this for more than 2 weeks....

Thank you in advance!

Microstockgroup Buy and Sell / Photostore 4 on sale
« on: January 05, 2016, 15:01 »
I have two photostore 4 on sale.
Check photostore features here: http://www.ktools.net
PM me if interested.

I want to have a second symbiostock site and I use Blue host / Justhost.
I have created a addon domain there and I understand I have to reinstall wordpress?
I have started to do that but after having chossen to inmstal wordpress on the new domain (addon) I got the meaasge"Directory exists! I understand that continuing will overwrite files."
I wonder what I do wrong. Isnt possible to have two domain names under a single hosting account?
Thanks for any helping.

Symbiostock / Search question with symbiostock site
« on: May 11, 2013, 03:21 »
something strange happening when seaching for "Maldives"
at my site http://stockabily.com/
nothing is shown, but I have one image with the keyword included:


When I search "Maldivian" the picture is found, very strange ....or is there someting wrong in my keywording?


Symbiostock - General / File names and symbiostock
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:38 »
I have read sometimes ago that renaming files is important in symbiostock and in general. I cant find the thread anymore. Can someone confirm this?
Also how to write sentences as names: Is it better to names files as "cat on a roof.jpg" or is it better to use "cat_on_a_roof.jpg"
Thank you for any light on this topic!

Selling Stock Direct / gas engine pictures wanted
« on: November 17, 2011, 00:16 »
I have a client looking for gas engine pictures (to produce power) like this one:
or this one
We pay up to 45 euros per picture sold. I you have some please contact me. (jean@cliclac.dk)
Thank you.

PS I'm always interested to have other energy related pictures...if you have dont hesitate to get in touch!

General Stock Discussion / Looking for LNG pictures
« on: June 01, 2011, 23:50 »
For few years already i have been selling energy related pictures at my Ktool based site "www.energypicturesonline.com".
I'm one of the main contributors and involved myself in the energy business (some of my clients are indeed work partners).
There is an increasing focus and interest on LNG and I have those last months sold well such pictures license for 300 euro/photo.
I need new pictures as those clients will soon be tired of seeing the same ones on my site....

So I'm looking for those rare pictures even with logo (most use is editorial). LNG sells well, but if you have nice refineries or pipelines; gas & oil offshore, solar plants, etc...  (no wind power anymore - we cover well unless you have exceptional ones..anyway if you have something and are in doubt if relevant, just ask!)  please contact me if you are interested to have your pictures on my site. The photographer share is 50%.
I don't sell everyday, but I have few photographers who earn regularly few 100 of euros with only 40-50 pictures on my site....

Thank you in advance.
jean www.energypicturesonline.com

As discussed in other threads, we are few that are going to adapt a KTools site to a virtual agency with multiple contributors. 
We are looking for 5 or so more of you having complementary (e.g. life style wanted) folio of at least 3000 to 4000 pictures who would be interested to join such initiative.
We would share the site and decide together the way to drive it. We have already started to share some ideas and I think we could be operational quite soon.
We believe that the volume and diversity of such site will make it much more attractive. With 10 contributors to start with we will be 10 times bigger compared to individuals and use 10 times more resources to make us known.
Note that you may join even if you have decided to go with your own agency! I have myself already 2 Ktools sites.

Please answer in this thread with a link to your folio or PM me if you are interested.


Off Topic / How to help a friend ?
« on: May 25, 2009, 15:29 »
I was in Peru few years ago and while I was in Lima shooting in streets I met Vanessa and her friend and I have been since sending mails and exchanging about life, family etc. and became friends.. Few weeks ago she asked me to help. Her mother had a cancer and she needed urgently some money for the operation. I could help her.
Now her mother has been operated and she need more for her treatment , she told me that each chemotherapy cost around 900 dollars in a public hospital in Lima and se will need 8 or 9.This is an enormous amount of money that I dont have
I was thinking that the only way to help her would be to involve more people.

I came to think about the following:
We (some who will agree) will give her 50% of our microstock sales a given day in the beginning of June. I will at the big larger sites bring the attention to buyers on the name of the photographers that have accepted to help and ask the buyers to consider buying preferably pictures from one of those photographers that day. I know that if you join, you dont do it for the money, but this way this might raise more funds for her and make maybe a good business to those having joined.

I dont know how I can prove you that this story is true. I can tell that from the details I have got from Vanessa that this can hardly be an invented story. I may ask her to come on this forum if you want to communicate with her. I dont know if some members here are from Lima and can testify some details proving this is a true story. On my side I have no doubts and have as said already helped.

I suggest that if you agree just tell me and Ill start the list adding your name on the list here below (if you sell under different names at different sites please let me know). The date will be decided when we have enough names on the list, however we shall not wait too long as you can understand. I suggest it will be the first (if we are enough) or second monday of June 2009. You will send the money directly to her, via moneybookers. If you have questions or comments before making you decision I would do my best to answer or ask Vanessa to do so directly.

Thanks in advance for any other suggestion and help.


I  just like to share a recent experience I had with one of the agencies, fotolia for naming it but it doesn't matter that much I think.
I was contacted by one of the staff member asking for details for one of my picture (a cat) because a client wanted to use it for a cat food package. I gave them the info and few hours latter the picture was bough but under a traditional licence. I was a bit surprised because I'm selling quite well cats pictures for the same purpose and they are purchased under EL. So I asked fotolia if this was not a mistake and the day after an EL licence was purchased. About a week later I got a message from fotolia saying that EL was nor needed for the purpose.
I cant tell if the same client has purchased the picture under two licences or what has happened there, but this has brought some confusion in my head...h
I must say honestly that I have never read in detail the term of the contracts at the various agencies (I find this part of the job a bit boring), but this story raised the question of my thread : "Are agencies informing well client when EL is needed?"
The client should to my opinion been clearly informed of the condition of use. I have no clue if clients are so ignorant of the details of the licence as I' am (but this is the photographers privilege..), but I think they shouldnt be allowed to be...
Is anyone have an experience as client or have similar experience???



I have been requesting a payment the 14th...nothing has happend yet, is this normal?
It is ennoying that the delay given is not respected, if it is 15 days why do they not  write 15 days ? , I need this transfert to myself pay  someone waiting and I have been given myself the delay that is indicated at stockexpert....very ennnoying indeed....

General Stock Discussion / Strategy micro / macro, RF/RM
« on: January 02, 2008, 12:39 »
I discovered recently


a quite new traditional library (not micro) and have now started to submit there. I came to ask myself what best strategy for the submission as beside all the microstock I also contribute to Alamy.

Up to now I have been keeping some pictures for RM at alamy and all other for micro as RF. I also have send few of those as RF at alamy, but I was told this was probably a wrong strategy so I will probably not continue to sell the same pictures as RF at micro and in the same time alamy.

But my question now is should I send the same pictures for RM at alamy and photoshelter? I intend to do so unless there is a good reason not to do so.
Thanks for sharing any view on this topic,

General Macrostock / http://www.energypicturesonline.com/
« on: October 12, 2007, 02:30 »
With the contribution of few of you here I have launched
a library dedicated to energy & environment.
I'm still in the launching phase, busy with expanding the library and finding client in the same time, which is not easy....
If you have relevant pictures and want to join the adventure, let me know what you have. Preferably bulk of 50 pictures minimum.  I'm presently interested in industrial use and especially of pictures taken inside industrial plants related or using energy.
I also need nice lightnings pictures...
have a look and if you can contribute, contact me at jean@cliclac.dk


Bigstock.com / Payment problem with Bigstock?
« on: August 18, 2007, 04:22 »
I have requestes a payment 2 weeks ago via maoneybooker, but have still now news about any money transfert, Ask the adm at bigstock 2 days ago, but no answer  (they pretend to answer within 24 hours). Anyone else having such experience?
Thanks for sharing,

Off Topic / Looking for few photographers to collaborate
« on: July 15, 2007, 07:59 »
I'm presently working at setting up a site targetting to sell to an industry I know and where I have a network. To fill a gap , I'm looking for pictures of largers industrial plants that relate to energy (solar furnaces, oil refineries, nuclear plants, wind mills farms, etc...).

I'm looking for few people having this sort of pictures and are willing to collaborate. If you have those pictures and are interested, send me a mail (jean@clilcac.dk)  with a possible link where I can see the pictures and what camera you have used for the shots.

If you have a doubt if your pictures are relevant send me a mail, I will tell.

In case the pictures are relevant, I will return to you and explain the project more in detail.

Please note that I do this beside my job and have (not yet!!) anyone that helps, therefore I will only be able to offer a collaboration to very few. So I'm only looking for those of you that can cover the sort of picture I need for the time. At this stage I will also need to close my request when I have got the pictures needed.

In adavnce thank you for your help and understanding


Alamy.com / Alamy submission in JPG?
« on: June 13, 2007, 03:12 »
I havent been submitting to Alamy for few months now, but as I had my first sale last month, I have decided to submit more soon again.
So far I have submitted in Tiff but I see now that they request JPG but still with  48MB minimum uncompressed file size.
Doest it mean one shall upsize the file so to have 48MB in Tiff and than save in jpg with lowest compression possible?
Thanks for any comfirmation of the above.

General Stock Discussion / Rawshooter user?
« on: April 08, 2007, 02:06 »
Any Rawshooter user  here?
Do someone know how to avoid the automatic correction (this happens after few seconds when I open an imae thumb), thanks for any help!

Off Topic / Hosting my picture library
« on: January 28, 2007, 15:44 »
I'm looking for a place where to put some specific pictures for sale. Basicly I'm looking for a place where I can have few 1000's of pictures that I can be purchased as any microstock or trad library. But I shall be able to make in some extend my own design of the site, and of course decide on the price. Thsite shall offer on-line payment facilities.
I have a eye on this place
That seems to have the features I need, but the design of the web is much too fancy and (as a result) slow.
Anyone having an experience with them or having some other sources?
I have almost decided not to develop my own webside, there are several of software dedicated to selling pictures, but I feel to stupid to cope with those and furthermore compared to the price I will have to pay to have several GB on a server the fee of ifp3 is reasonable.
Thanks for any hint!

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