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I have a request from a client who wants to license some of my footage for use into video templates that they will resell for a specific use to their clients. The final video can be shared online and downloaded by the client.

I am fine for the resell for the specific clips they want to use, but I have trouble to find the right price for it.

My RF clips are usually priced between USD60 and USD80 on Pond5.

How much would you price footage for such use?

NOTE: Please keep replies to the pricing issue, not whether it's right or wrong to allow them the resell them. Thanks

General Stock Discussion / iSock - Class action
« on: November 23, 2012, 07:05 »

Over the last couple of years, istock/Getty keep underpaying contributors, having a broken site because their IT team s**ks, unitarily changing ASA without even informing contributors, etc, etc.... some example include:
- Not doing retro-payments when contributors go to a higher level
- Not transferring files to Getty as promised in exchange of lower royalties on Vettas
- Not paying royalties when they mess up the site by doing "upgrades" (a few times a year) as their IT team is not able to write scripts to correct their mess
- Not paying royalties based on what the customers are paying for the image (as initially indicated in the ASA), but based on a "net" amount on payment in non-USD currencies (with up-to 20% markup!). When some contributors realized that it was going one since a few years (thanks to the new Cash Sales), istock changed the ASA without telling anybody and not giving the choice to contributors to agree or not on the new terms.

Anybody knows a US/Canadian lawyer that would be able to act on behalf of contributors (class-action type), as individual contributors don't have a single chance to get paid what we are supposed to!

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