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Microstock News / Have you heard of anything about i2istockphotos
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:33 »
I got an e-mail from i2istockphotos which says it accepts photos to sell. Does anyone have any exprerience knnowledge about it?

I am interested in Stock Photography for a long time but sending to stock agencies was always a problem for me. I am registired to nearly 30 agencies so do the math:)

I used Filezilla first. Then I wrote a script for sending to multiple ftps from my pc for a long time. But it was almost taking a day to send 10 images to all agencies. (I have a poor internet connection)

Prostockmaster and Lightburner was a gift for me when it was free. As you know it turned to a paid service. And there is also Picworkflow which is also great. But yes they come with a montly cost.

One day I was so bored of sending my files so I decided to write a script. The idea was simple... I was already using Dropbox to store my images. If I could send my files to multiple ftps from Dropbox it would be great. So I made it happen. Because sending goes online it is very fast and I don't have to store my files at a server or some place so I could keep it free.   

Well I am not promising you a very professional service but it is safe. I don't store your images and information about your agencies' ftps.

So please try and give me some feedback so I can work on it to make a better service.

Please visit: http://www.stocksender.com/r
You can reach me from my facebook for questions and suggestions...
Hamide Şebnem Kken

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