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Symbiostock - Development Area / Symbiostock sites on ipads
« on: April 02, 2013, 07:43 »
Just wanted to throw this out there so discussions might start. When i first started on my site, i looked at it on my ipad and it looked good. After the modifications i did last night, its all jacked up. The main menu bar doesnt even show. Steheap, yours is messed up too. I havent checked anyone elses, but this might be an issue.

Symbiostock - Technical Support / Image File Size Limit
« on: April 01, 2013, 18:50 »
I went to add a Featured Image to my home page and it says the file limit size is 2 mb. I know there was a discussion on how to change the file size limit, even for uploading...can't find that now. Can someone give the answer again (sorry!) or post a link to where the conversation is? Thanks!

This is an image-buying site and I'm not concerned at this point about blog posts, etc. I would like to get rid of all of that. You can see an area called Leave a Reply then comment on my Home Page. How can I get rid of that? I know someone else asked this, but I don't remember what thread it was in. It would be helpful when someone asks a question like this, a new topic is opened so it can be found easily. Thanks!

sorry: www.cathyslifestockphotos.com

Symbiostock - Development Area / Need help with navbar
« on: March 31, 2013, 18:23 »
I have first a general question: can ALL the changes and mods to your sites be done within the admin panel and modifying the css files, or are you guys modifying using WAMP/MAMP servers or other PHP editors?

I have searched around the admin area. I found where you can make menus, but I am trying to add more nav buttons (like most of you have done), to the right of the existing HOME, and I can't find where to do that.  :-\ If I create a menu item, it does not add it there. Can someone point me in the right direction?

I am only selling at SS, BigStock and warmpicture. I just found all of my images on vectors123 dot com, baby-stockphotos dot com and wedding-stockphotos dot com. All three of these sites have the same page design, so I assume they are related.

The problem is, I have opted out of all partner programs. I checked Sadstocks list and these do not appear under SS or BigStock. Does anyone have any info about that? Thought I would check here before sending an email off to SS and BigStock.

I was immediately disgusted, I thought it was to take a screenshot so posting stolen images could be even faster, but it does a google search. As far as I can tell.

Dreamstime.com / DT down?
« on: July 17, 2012, 13:28 »
I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway error when I go there right now.

Yesterday, my personal website was down in the morning because my host experienced a power outage due to the heavy air conditioning loads on the power grid.

SS has been having problems for me this am...internal server errors. Anyone else seeing this?

Shutterstock.com / Sensitive Issue Opt In on SS
« on: June 29, 2012, 10:28 »
I know this was talked about recently. I see the opt in button in my account section. That would opt in all my images. Is there a way to then go opt out certain images, or is it an all in, all out situation?

Haven't had a chance to delve into it (looks like a WordPress kind of setup) but it looks like an improvement.

Dreamstime.com / DT servers offline right now
« on: June 21, 2012, 08:00 »
Just a heads up

Dreamstime.com / Dreamstime and Pinterest
« on: June 06, 2012, 06:51 »
This has been talked about in another thread, but kind of buried now. I have a specific question about it.

This link was provided by Serban:


He stated that images that come from DT can be seen here.

Today when I go there, the images are different than they were a couple of days ago. I only see one page, but there are many more pins than that. Do I have to join pinterest to see them all?

Just went to log in to my SS account and they have a new, clean login page. Glad to see they dumped that stupid captcha nonsense. I mean I'm all for protecting our accounts, but that just seemed archaic. Wonder if there is still some sort of security on the login?

Dreamstime.com / Having problems creating lightbox in DT
« on: March 18, 2012, 09:24 »
I'm trying to add images to a lightbox for a project I'm working on. I've created a new lightbox. When I find the image and click Add to Lightbox, it shows the new lightbox name, but the image doesn't go into the lightbox window that pops up.

I tried to go to the DT forums and see if anyone else is having a problem but I don't see a thread. I tried to create a new thread, but I don't where you do that.

Why am I having so much trouble? Is anyone else having problems? Geez, it hasn't been that long since I created a new thread at DT.

edit: found how to create a new thread...way down at the bottom

Still can't get images to go into lightbox though.  >:(

iStockPhoto.com / Getty Images Ad ... Very Appropriate
« on: January 30, 2012, 13:31 »
Thought this ad I just spotted while reading a Yahoo article was very appropriate...


Comping is Usage!

We ask you to remember that many designers, artists and illustrators may not want to have their images used in any way, including in agency presentations. Any use, including comping, implies value that is worth compensation.

    Images within the Guild Portfolio Area are for Web browser viewing only.
    Any unauthorized downloading or duplication of images is prohibited by copyright law.
    Use of the images, including comp usage, must be negotiated with the creator of the image prior to any use.

Art or photography in portfolios submitted for a job should not be copied for any use, including client presentation or "comping," without the creator's permission. Similarly, images appearing in any of the talent sourcebooks and directories (either in print or electronically), should not be "swiped" for any reason. In case after case, the creator's property rights have been upheld, and those caught engaging in these practices were penalized, paying large fines to the artists.

Contact the creator before copying. The Guild Supports Ask First

General Photography Discussion / Photograph sells for $4.3 million
« on: November 11, 2011, 06:33 »
This was on Yahoo news this morning. It just goes to show that you never know what photograph will be a best-seller or will capture someone's eye.


NEW YORK (AP) A 1999 photograph of the Rhine river by German artist Andreas Gursky has sold for $4.3 million in New York City, setting a record for any photograph sold at auction.

Titled "Rhein II," the chromogenic color print face-mounted to acrylic glass, had a pre-sale estimate of $2.5 million to $3.5 million.

It sold Tuesday at Christie's. The buyer was not disclosed.

The previous record for any photography sold at auction was Cindy Sherman's "Untitled," which fetched $3.8 million at Christie's in May.

Gursky's panoramic image of the Rhine is one of an edition of six photographs. Four are in major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Tate Modern in London.

Found my image here:

wallpapersbuzz dot com / flowers / two-red-roses-with-red-hearts.html

(Clean up the url to view...I don't want to give the thieves any more search engine placement)

iStockPhoto.com / Revised Artists Supply Agreement
« on: August 29, 2011, 15:05 »
Here we go, ladies and gents...just received in my inbox.

First few paragraphs...

The Revised Artists Supply Agreement and You

After consulting with contributor representatives globally and conducting extensive research into industry trends, we recently made some changes to our Artists Supply Agreements (ASAs) to improve our offering in a competitive marketplace. We truly appreciate the valuable feedback that contributors across every file type gave us while we were making these important changes.

As our collection approaches 10 million images, we know that many great files are not being seen. We want to resurface those images to get them soldand the best way to do this is to place them on our partner sites where theyre more likely to sell.

Our first step towards achieving this goal is sharing all non-exclusive photos and illustrations with photos.com and Thinkstock.com, as well as all exclusive video content with gettyimages.com. By bolstering the collections of our partner sites, well also ensure we are able to serve customers in every market at every budget level. This is an important business decision that we believe is necessary in order to continue competing in a diversified environment. We understand that your own objectives in licensing your content may be different and hope that these changes strike the right balance for you. If not, we hope this at least helps you make informed decisions about what content you choose to place with iStockphoto.

In addition to strengthening ties to our partner sites, we have a massive project that started over a year ago to improve the infrastructure we use to ingest and inspect files, and to replace the connector we use to move files to other Getty Images sites. We know that the existing Partner Program has not been as responsive as it needs to be when it comes to moving your files to and from partner sites and are working to address that.

The whole thing:


I found one of my images on this site, after following a link from another thread here (I think...or maybe I found it with the new handy, dandy google toy):


There are lots of other images of roses, rose petals, etc. that I have seen before, but don't know the artist. Copyrights seem to have been stripped.

Here is the response I got back from one site allowing the downloading of a FREE high rez version of that image (used google chrome to translate the site, as it is Russian):

You, of course I'm sorry, but the source of all evil here: allday.ru/ (there your whole site free)
And my site - a drop in the ocean.
I am a poor Ukrainian student who recently arrived from the army.

His English is broken, but I can pretty well translate his meaning: feck you. Here is his ISP info, in case anyone else finds their work:

domain:     hqwalls.com.ua
admin-c:    VV739-UANIC
tech-c:     NIC-UANIC
status:     OK-UNTIL 20111231011141
dom-public: NO
nserver:    ns1.jino.ru
nserver:    ns2.jino.ru
mnt-by:     DRS-UANIC (ua.drs)
remark:     hqwalls.com.ua
created:    0-UANIC 20091231011141
changed:    DRS-UANIC 20100316231138
source:     UANIC

nic-handle:     VV739-UANIC
organization:   Весёлая
address:        ул., Заводная
address:        00000 КИЕВ
address:        УКРАИНА
phone:          +380.950000000
org-id:         N/A
mnt-by:         NONE
remark:         Linked to CX9NPW-CUNIC
changed:        DRS-UANIC 20091231011009
source:         UANIC

nic-handle:     NIC-UANIC
organization:   Service Online LLC
address:        P/O BOX, 147
address:        04050 KYIV
address:        UA
fax-no:         +380 (56) 7872298
phone:          +380 (44) 5937569
url:            http://nic.ua
org-id:         33383990
mnt-by:         NONE
remark:         --
remark:         phone: 0-900-254-254 (Ukraine Only)
remark:         fax-machine: +380 44 5937569
remark:         Feedback: http://nic.ua/rus/support.html
remark:         --
changed:        NIC-UANIC 20110201082615
source:         UANIC

Image Sleuth / More Images Found on This Site
« on: June 17, 2011, 16:01 »
Found my images being offered for free download in large sizes here:


It's a Russian site, the images have no watermarks but are being offered as wallpapers for free. Click on the image and you can download a high rez copy of your photo.

Just to give everyone a heads up...

I just found out Veer is partnered with Media Bakery. I had requested the removal of my images from Veer because I do not want to participate in the partner program. They had already been sent to two partners, and my images were in the works to be sent to Media Bakery when I asked to remove my images.

If you all recall the fiasco with pixmac/media bakery and copyright information on about 220,000 images that had been stripped and changed to Colossus...well, I just checked all my images that were sent to Media Bakery via Veer, and all have had my copyright info stripped and Media Bakery added in its place. That is not acceptable and it is copyright infringement.

I have notified Ryan at Veer of this major problem and anxiously await his reply. I have asked that all my images be removed immediately.

It seems to take forever to load pages. I dumped my Firefox cache, but still slow today. Anyone else or should I look further?

Came across this article:

From the ASMP regarding Getty

"For the majority of our members, the new Getty contract changes are not advantageous and should be viewed as an opportune time to re-evaluate options."


iStockPhoto.com / No crisis du jour at istockphoto?
« on: April 27, 2011, 09:37 »
What happened?  :)

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