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Depositphotos are reviewing old rejected photos again and approving them


Jens G:
Over the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that there are suddenly photos, that I uploaded long time ago, in the Pending queue.

At first I thought that it was a glitch, but now I have noticed that the number of rejected photos is decreasing, so it's actually photos that were once rejected, that they are reviewing again - and approving.

I have had many rejections at DP that I didn't understand, but never did anything about it, because sales are so few there. But now it seems that they realize their mistake, and approve the once rejected photos.

Hopefully they will also do something about the sales.

I occasionally got batches where almost all were rejected. I also just moved on rather than waste time arguing about it. Seems they are following the current trend of accepting almost everything.

Same here... I had a lot of rejections for "non commercial value" etc that were selling on other sites.

Not Today:
Yeah it seems they are reviewing some old photos that were rejected, have seen a few 'newly approved' that were rejected 2 years ago..


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