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Author Topic: Account is under investigation  (Read 17060 times)

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« Reply #25 on: August 26, 2010, 07:26 »
I'm not saying that either is correct or wrong. I'm just adding in the info of what I've  read on recent rejections, along with the seemingly lack of communications with the contributor by IS. I think I would be a lot less reasonable than who posted this if this happened to me.

Yeah, I've read some of these horror stories too, but I've also been treated fairly in my dealings with IS. So, it makes it hard to know whether these stories are entirely accurate. I can't speak to this particular contributor, but it's definitely a scary thought if they really did nothing wrong.

I am with cthoman on this one. I have been on iStock since Aug. 2007, but just got serious with my portfolio last summer and made exclusive a few months ago. I have had to contact support a ton of times over the years and have only ever been treated fairly. They aren't always as prompt as I would like, but with the number of people on the site it could be worse too and I do always get a response.

As for the accusations, I too would love to hear both sides of the story (which I am sure will never happen) before judging. I was curious why the OP hasn't returned with his images/illustrations. I just checked his profile and he hasn't been on since the 24th, which is the same day Microbius posted asking if he would post them.

« Reply #26 on: August 26, 2010, 09:39 »
While some accounts get banned on istock, there are others which are directly using other authors elements in their 'work' with having istock 'judges' saying that are completely different images.

What said and even proven by some files I've seen there is quite evident that istock chooses who is to be banned and who isn't.

That sucks!
It would be good if you could give some inks of these obvious violations. It might give us a handle on what you are referring to.
I wonder if the OP is going to come back with his/her info. too? It's a wee bit pointless making these claims without showing us the evidence.  

Sorry but I must keep my sources  covered due to possible law suit cases against some people on Istockphoto...  But if you don't believe to me it is your right!

[added] But, you may start comparing some istockphoto files with some weekly freebies from Shutterstock and it will come to your mind what is happening! Also, there are usual copy-cat jobs done by some with looking at first pages on all agencies... It is more than evident that while istock forces 'abusive inspiration', they accept such copy-cats when non-exclusives are sourced.

Man, that's a very serious accusation you make there! Unless you have the proof up your sleeve ::)

Sure I have proof and personally know some authors who contacted CE with response from them that 'are completely different works' while elements used matches 100% ;-)

Just keep the pace and enjoy...

[added] Something will develop from all this - only thing is authors needs a lot of money to go after istock!
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