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Author Topic: Bruce Livingstone resigned  (Read 17531 times)

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I think your thread is interesting, start it outside of here...

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Yes, I believe it is a fact. .... From the top 4 sites and 204 non-exclusive photographers, 93 said iStock gave the highest RPI.

Yes, I read it in the other thread. I'm a methodology freak (probably a handicap left over from a previous job) but with 93 out of 204 = 46%, istock doesn't have the highest RPI for most, not even for the majority. Given a margin for a low confidence limit on a sample of just 204, you can safely say that istock gives the highest RPI for half the respondents.

I always loved statistics and the result raises some interesting questions, for instance the correlation between the reported RPI and portfolio size on every site. But that takes us too far, and the question wasn't in the survey.

good point.. I would say we are getting technical but when talking about numbers and stats I suppose it is important :)  You would be right, iStock does not have the majority, only the highest % of yes'

We don't have the RPI / vs portfolio size but we do have the vote for the 'best earning site' and in that question shutterstock was a clear winner.

« Reply #53 on: March 26, 2009, 02:21 »
I'm exclusive, I wasn't a bit nervous when Getty bougth istock, I'm not now. But yes a bit sad, because it was great to know that there was a nice and smart guy like him  at the steer. Bruce had the microstock  idea, and put the idea in motion; without him, probably even this forum wouldn't exist. But istock flies on his impulse, and will go on flying, I haven't the sligthlest doubt about it.

I agree. He put together a really awesome team and most importantly, he did not micro-manage them. They are more than capable of continuing on without him, though of course he will be missed. For whatever problems someone might have with istock as a company, I have a hard time believing that anyone who actually had direct contact with him would say "good riddance". He took time, on more than one occasion, to answer emails from me ... a tiny little (bronze at the time) contributor in a sea of thousands of others. I've never forgotten that.

Anyway, I wish him well. I hope that iStock is none the worse for him leaving. I don't really expect any dramatic differences. It's not as if he was singlehandedly running the place.

I agree... I'm very much thankful for his great work. I'm so blessed to be part of istockphoto community. I wish Bruce a happy life coz he deserves too.

« Reply #54 on: March 26, 2009, 06:18 »
wow. this is news indeed. but i guess it is inevitable from the day he sold istock to Getty. Its a matter of time but i salute him for his foresight and what he created with istock!


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