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Author Topic: DeepMeta editorial batch default  (Read 2164 times)

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« on: February 26, 2019, 19:19 »
Attn Franky please.  I've just had two or three batches rejected with the rejection reason "this subject isn't suitable as editorial - please resubmit for the creative essentials collection".  Strange because I rarely do editorial and certainly wouldn't have submitted those batches as such.  When I checked DeepMeta I found that those batches had been created as editorial by default (something I didn't notice at the time).  I don't remember DeepMeta having such a default in the past - it always defaulted to Creative.

Anyway, with resubmit permission I used the 'move' function to move those files to new batches.  Interestingly in the 'move' function I am given the option to create a new batch.  Fine.  But once again the editorial checkbox is checked by default.

It seems to me that this 'editorial by default' situation is rather strange; I imagine the vast majority of submissions to iStock are creative or illustration, with only a minority as editorial.

On the other hand perhaps I've accidentally clicked something somewhere that has told my copy of DeepMeta to default to editorial.  Unlikely, but possible.

Franky, perhaps you could have a look at this situation - perhaps the editorial default has appeared in one of the recent updates.

« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2019, 03:28 »
DeepMeta always suggest the batch type that you last created. At the very first start, it defaults to "Creative Image".

I'm guessing you once clicked the "Editorial Image" type by accident when creating a batch.
Since then, it uses this as default, since that's the last type you created ;)

For your next batch, make sure to select "Creative Image", and it will suggest this type for all your future batches.

I figured this is the best way to handle the default. If DeepMeta would always suggest "Creative Image", then users who mostly do Editorial would complain ;)

Thanks for letting me know your experience in detail. Always looking at improving the software and making it as intuitive as possible.


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