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Quick query, im submitting using Deep Meta so obviously have the keywords/disambiguation stage.

A lot of things in my keywords that are relevant (name of place, name of animal and so on) don't ever seem to exist on their list of terms for disambiguation.
Do i add these anyway (they appear in red on the left then) or isn't it worth it?
Are ONLY disambiguated terms searched and indexed or can people search on things that arent in the IS dictionary ?
Ive found conflicting information online as to yes/no for this.

I believe they are searchable, at least they certainly were around 18 months ago.
You can request keywords to be added, if it's really important like the actual subject.
Contact us > File Submission > Suggest new keyword

That's correct. They still are searchable, so you're doing the right thing.
I have to do this for local place names as well. None of these are in the CV and I guess Getty can't add all possible local place names of the world in the CV.

The only limitation is that these "candidate terms" as they are called, are not translated into different languages. Again not a problem for place names.

Thanks for that, looks like it is worth me adding them regardless then.


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