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Author Topic: Istock driving me bonkers  (Read 4345 times)

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« on: March 24, 2006, 04:56 »
Is it just me, or is istock getting rather labour intensive.

There seem to be getting more and more  things that deter me from uploading to istock :S

they only accept 15 images/day (or does it depend on your approval rating)
they now put a little check think in their submission page to see if you used a keyword twice.  I don't ever try to (i don't see a point to that) but sometimes by mistake 2 of the 50 keywords are the same.  So istock refuses to accept the image until i search through my keywords and try and find that 1 double keyword (like playing find waldo, something i don't want to do when I am trying to upload quickly).  If they could at least tell me which keyword it was, or like shutterstock, just take out the keyword automatically.  is this so tough, why do they have to keep it a secret as to which word it actually is :S
This is the same with too many keywords.  If you have over 50 they say, sorry, you have over 50 keywords, please try again.... but they don't say how many keywords you ACTUALLY have :S

And lastly.. those catagories.. hmmm... i don't really like them.  And do they expect you to REALLY pick 25, or is that just a sudjested serving.  It is like keywording the images all over again.

ahh.. there, i feel better.

I applaud shutterstock and 123 Royalty free for a nice simple uploading process.  horra. (and fast reviews to boot)

« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2006, 09:26 »
I'm not a fan of iStockPhoto and there submission rules, especially the limit.  I wouldn't mind if it was a weekly limit, but the daily limit bites.  But their java multi uploader is quite nice.  It allows you to quickly find categories and it will check for double key words and whether you have more than 50 keywords.  That way you are never rejected for silly things.  I probably wouldn't bother with iStockPhoto if it wasn't for their java uploader. 


« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2006, 19:21 »
If you submit to fotolia first you can use their duplicate keyword checker then save them in a text file until its that time of day to submit to ISP, problem solved, though the javaloader sounds easier.

I usually use only 7-10 keywords I noticed CanStockPhoto have introduced a rule that any photos submitted with vague keywords will be rejected their example a picture of earring and listing lady,wedding,valentines day. So be careful

Its not so much ISP rule 10 uploads per days having to wait 24 hours so today I got distracted by a new 8mp camera so was out taking photos and didn't get round to uploading until 9pm so on Sunday i will have to wait until 9pm.

Of course now i have the same problem with CanStockPhoto my acceptance rate is below 75% so only 10 per 24 hours as well.

Must give ISP java loader a go as i quite like CanStockPhoto loader dragging thumbnails.

ISP obvuiously like you as I am on 10/day though my acceptance rate is just over 30% they rejected the first 9 so now i am very happy to made it up to 58 photos online with them about a quarter of my other portfolios.


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