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iStock exciting news : $0.00 royalties

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Hi all,

Royalties report for December is available.

I was surprise to discover two sales with $0.00 royalties at "China FotoPress VEER / Porta".  It is not the connect royalties, it is not refunds; it is subscription sales with a $0.03 price; and 15% of $0.03 result in a $0.00 commission.
I already had $0.01 commission but I never had $0.00 royalties (excluding Connect).

However my RPD on iStock is much better than my RPD on Shitterstock : $0.62 vs $0.14 (in January). So, for me, SS is really the worst stock.

Those connect sales are a real pain in the a*- for 19 connect sales I get 0.11 cent for december 2020 *wow*
But the regular sales are still good with iStock for me: 25 regular sales for 43,85 $

My december RPD is $2,99 with iStock.... Better than any other agency.
Thatīs why I always forgive them those stupid connect sales......

Just quit iStock and SS then. It's simple, really.

Jo Ann Snover:
If you think about it, tallying the rounding of sub-one-cent royalties on only a monthly basis is a way for Getty/iStock to keep a lot of cash they aren't entitled to.

If they were to keep a running total, accurate to many decimal places, in time they could pay out what they owe contributors. From their point of view, when you multiply the cash grab by enough contributors, it's another revenue stream. This won't save them from the debt their previous private equity owners saddled them with, but as contributors, we should be aware of every one of these accounting schemes (scams?).

You do it for "Exposure".


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