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Author Topic: Is this stupid or what? CV mystery  (Read 11518 times)

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« Reply #25 on: January 05, 2013, 14:06 »
Well, a scan isn't automatically 'in focus'. 

Also, 'cutting' is a verb in this case, not a noun.  If there is no action, no keyword.

« Reply #26 on: January 05, 2013, 14:19 »
Dear friends,
this is just another IS stupidity.
I have had same "phantom word" rejection.

If You are not exclusive on IS (and not just exclusive, but highly rated exclusive between 1000 "gold members"), do not bother with IS.
Wait few monts and they will be middle earner, then low, ...
Slowly, IS will become "exclusive gold members club"only.
This is their politics.
Remember my words.
Kind regards.


« Reply #27 on: January 06, 2013, 01:02 »
Well, a scan isn't automatically 'in focus'. 

Also, 'cutting' is a verb in this case, not a noun.  If there is no action, no keyword.

Thanks for the confirmation of what I guessed, that CV wants the action, not the utility description. I already sent them again, without "cutting". And trust me, the scans are sharp and clean, I manually edit those buggers, for specks and "fuzzies".  ;) The subtle answer is obvious and I should have learned before. Just because it's 2400 dpi, doesn't mean that a reviewer looking at full size, won't see every grain of ink and paper texture and call it flawed or reject it for "poor hygiene" (that one cracks me up.)

Dropped them to 10MP and I'm fairly certain, it will resolve the issues.

The other part is why one reviewer, accepts them, one rejects for out of focus and suggests, reduce the size and a third said, "no resubmit".

Again, IS used to be very reliable and consistent and if they said no, I could be confident that similar images would also be refused, so I didn't bother wasting their review time. By the same logic, if something was accepted, and I sent in more, those would also be acceptable, same production, settings, and content. Instead I have three different viewpoints.

And yes the dumb part of some of this and the CV is myself. In most ways I like the idea of CV. It's just a little on the inflexible side for unusual cases and reasonable exceptions. I would think that a cutting tool or machine for cutting, would be able to use the word "cutting" but no, it's impossible. So what do I call it? Tool and machine and no way to tell a potential buyer what it does? Kind of odd?


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