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Author Topic: June statement is here  (Read 8366 times)

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« Reply #25 on: July 21, 2017, 12:30 »
Most of the sales reported in the "June Statement" were actually from May. So my May suddenly became BME, but June was a disaster. Maybe my June sales will be repored on 20th August?

Anyone else?


Yes, thanks - I hadn't noticed but after reading your post now see from my latest statement (released 20 July, which I assumed was for June sales) actually includes a fair number of May sales, probably about a fifth overall. So maybe May was better than I thought - but my iStock statement charts don't seem to reflect this (ie, the June totals haven't changed since this latest statement). It might just be a case of all the labyrinthine sale figures filtering through at treacle-like pace?

I also notice that Microstockr Pro figures (great software by the way if you don't already use) seems to struggle with these figures, nothing has updated on it yet for iStock, perhaps it's just all so complex we're talking weeks (or even months) before some sort of true figures show up?


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« Reply #26 on: July 21, 2017, 12:54 »
I just got an increment bump of 16, which is way beyond what I expect nowadays, so I assume that the system catching up, or has caught up.

« Reply #27 on: July 21, 2017, 19:01 »
I got a huge jump, about 10% more of what I had.
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« Reply #28 on: July 22, 2017, 02:52 »
My june is more than doubled compared to june 2016.

And considering that I de-activated my best selling images while I still could, and stopped uploading, some time in the autumn last year, It's surprising.

When I look at the 2017 IS income till now, it's almost on par with the total IS income for 2016, so it has increased a lot, despite no new files, and the best selling de-activated. IS is now on second place for me, where it was FT last year.

That sometimes make me consider uploading to IS again, but I just won't accept royalties as low as 2 cents.

« Reply #29 on: July 23, 2017, 09:18 »
53 dollars.

Lowest 0.02 to 5.73. Feels like over 90% is below 1 dollar.

I havent uploaded in months, doubt it is worth the hassle now.

Even the so called low earners can now give better results than istock.

Yes I feel so happy that it only took them two months to send me the dismal sales report.  ;D

As a pleasing note the 2c and 14c commissions seem to have vanished. But 15% of crap is still crap. Can't decide if I want to go on with them. I suspect that's their plan all along. Get rid of the low earning independent people. Maybe not a bad plan, I'm happy to take my photos and leave. I make much more on other sites, both commission and money.

I stopped uploading new files last year. I don't see a future at IS. Just waiting for the next exciting contributor news, which has never been anything but ways to cut our cut.


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