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my image selling by somebody else on istock! what?

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just found one of my photos in somebody else his portfolio on Istock! and im selling there too for years and years?  how is that possible?  guys please check if this thief is selling your photos too

this is his portfolio link, [nofollow]

i already send a mail to istoch but is there a faster way to deal with this?  thanks

Just report it to the Getty's support, "Contact us" in Account Management.

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Thanks for the link - I just found one of my images in their portfolio. I'll be reporting them shorly.

Jo Ann Snover:
I found one of mine too - I just reported it.

Thanks for posting the link. It's depressing that agencies don't do more work to verify the first number of uploads of new contributors; they could catch most thieves that way...

There would appear to be even less excuse when they're copying images within their own collection.


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