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Your thoughts on the new iStock watermark?

Way too easy to remove? Or can image thieves remove pretty much any watermark these days, so it doesn't really matter?

I think I will need to delete some of my files because of it, but in most cases where the copy space is on the right I should be able to flip the image horizontally and re-upload.

Jo Ann Snover:
Very Getty-like. Arguably watermarks are easy to remove anyway, but with an image like this one, there's virtually nothing you need to do!


Yeah, thanks for nothing iStock

Might actually have to send a huge request for image deletions to them. This is pretty much as if there was no watermark at all.

Lizzy Waters:
On Adobe Stock I don't  see any watermarks at all recently. Anyone else? Why is that?

This new very minimal watermark is super easy to remove with Photoshop generative fill


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